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A truly proficient and versatile real estate agent can make the process of buying your next home a cakewalk for you. Here’s what a realtor can do for you besides the obvious:

Put on a Great Show

Real estate agents are well aware of certain interior designing hacks that are important to apply to a house before showing it to a potential buyer. It is crucial to add these subtle touches and showcase the aesthetic side of the house emanating positive vibes to arouse genuine interest from the buyer. Some of these hacks include removing family photos (in case the seller still lives in the house), clearing away the mess and rearranging furniture to highlight the room as extremely spacious and comfortable.

Suggest a Trustworthy Lender

Real estate agents often keep in touch with various bankers and lenders and can provide valuable suggestions to help you get early approval for your home loan.

Connect You with a House Inspector

It is crucial to inspect a house for hidden hazards, such as the presence of termites after the seller has accepted your offer. Realtors are usually aware of certain reliable and trustworthy inspectors and would have no issues in connecting you with one that fits your budget.

Recommend Contractors and Maintenance Professionals

If the inspector reveals any kind of damage, it is advisable to get it repaired before closing the deal with the seller. It is likely that your realtor can connect you with reliable contractors and even help you with negotiations as well as paying the full amount to the contractors after the job is satisfactorily completed.

Manage Your Rental Property

Agents can also manage and maintain a property on rent on the owner’s behalf. If the owner wants to put up their property on rent, the realtors can help with the process by screening potential tenants, initiating their background verification, collecting rent and keeping an eye out for any kind of maintenance and repairs needed on the property.

Negotiate for a Temporary House

When you are on the lookout to buy your dream house and at the same time, you are selling your current house, it is likely that you close the deal for the sale before closing the deal on your new home. In this case, your agent can help you find a house where you live for a short period of time after paying monthly rent or they can help you negotiate a short-term lease for an apartment with the owner or apartment manager.

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